Soulful Siren / Dynamic Dynamo / Melodic Maven / Cunning Composer / Visionary Vixen

That’s Alison Andrews, whose edgy folk rock tunes have a fierce yet gentle way of grabbing you by the shoulders, looking you in the eye and whispering, “It’s okay, darlin’. Things got tough. But it’s going to be alright.”

Alison Andrews

Her work jolts the music industry to inspiring new levels, as Andrews passionately injects heavy doses of the raw, real reality that shape our experience here on earth—heartache, fear, anger, revenge, misery, sadness, loneliness and confusion—offering not only truth, but also a remedy for when the truth becomes too much to bear: Experience the emotion, but never let it define you.

Based on her own truth—as well as that of husband and fellow songwriter Jaye Lentin–the two form a duo that, together, have been compelling fans around the world to embrace their own truth, which, according to them, can only be found through love.

"At our source we are all pure love. proclaims Andrews, Negative emotion comes from holding ourselves apart from who we really are.”

Alison Andrews

A musician since the early days—think four years old—Andrews has continually strived to embrace the art form, while, at the same time, bringing more meaning to the table.

After linking up with husband Jaye in 2005—an impassioned genius of a songwriter in his own right—the two knew that an album would inevitably be born between them.

Love's A Cure is that album. Recently debuted, it’s a force of its own, appealing to anyone who’s ever had a dream…but secretly wondered if they were good enough.

Its goal? To remind you that no matter where you go, what happens, or what you do, at the end of the day, you’ve always, always, always got you.

And that, right there, is good enough. Whether you knew it or not.

Alison Andrews

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